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A day printing at Albertine Press

It was a gloomy day when I arrived at Albertine Press, that kept the light rather dark and yellow in the printing studio, but I didn't mind while taking photos around and following the printing steps of the project I have been working on this fall. The Canon camera kept me focus on the details in a new prospective and I loved checking ink shades of gray and the delicate balance of letterpress printing. Emily big smile was the light of Albertine Press and I couldn't resist holding her, before she would run away again. Stay tuned on how the wood spool + letterpress + calligraphy project will progress. Any suggestions on how to name it is more than welcome. We are thinking "Rotolino Greetings" might be an appropriate name, for a project that is half Italian and half American! A giveaway will soon follow, when the spool will be dry, assembled and ready in all the details.....


Work in progress: wood spool + calligraphy + letterpress

I'm working on a new product to launch for the holidays and it is something I had in mind for a long time. If you have been following our studio's projects for a while, you might remember the Calendarbook, with the measuring tape, designed in collaboration with Silvana Amato, under our imprint of Edizioni Almenodue. This project is the sequel of the same wood spool wrapped with paper. A few weeks ago I dreamed about the little spool, wrapped in calligraphy and I decided it was time to make it happen! I asked dear friend Susy to submit some of her beautiful calligraphy, and these are the first few steps of the design process, after many hours spent on InDesign for the overall layout, size and dimensions. Stay tuned for updates on the letterpress printing with Albertine Press, next week. I'm very excited about this new product and can't wait to move on to the next step and hopefully everything will be ready for the final assembling, soon. And last, I love taking photos with the new camera Canon EOS with a macro lens. It makes a world of different to take products shooting, but much to learn!


For the love of letterpress ~ giveaway

The letterpress event at the studio was a lot of fun! a real celebration of spring, in my opinion, and I loved to see the press in action and printing the lovely "Bloom where you are planted" cards by Susy. Albertine Press did a fabulous job printing some cards, head of time for our shop and bring the same plate and ink to use for the demo... and baby Emily was the queen of the party! Thank you everyone that came to share the day with us, it was a bright and sunny day we really enjoyed and I hope you did too! for all the people that missed the event and lives too far to attend, we are happy to send a set of 6 cards + envelopes for your spring mailings. Leave a comment by April 15th and a winner will be announced. Happy spring!


Dagstani ~ a very fine fruit company

A client of mine, Raj Dagstani, was so kind to send me these lovely photos of their fine fruit preserves company. The loose weave ribbon is used on the packaging, when orders are shipped and, I believe, it combines so well with the nature of their business. In their own words: "My sons and I produce a precious few jars of fine fruit preserves, marmalades and jams, all of which are crafted from whole fruit, hand cut, pared, peeled and preserved everyday. Our fruit is sourced locally, organic and wild wherever possible and sometimes from much farther afield. In our practice we prefer delicate, small batch jam-making. The process speaks to our whimsy, to the quality of our ingredients and towards our commitment to this craft." Thank you Raj for showing me the complete packaging project and for sharing these yummy images.


Pikku Ribbons launch at NYIGF

You might have follow us since the very beginning of our collaboration, that started by combining the cotton ribbons with the Pikku wrapping paper a few years ago. Then we designed a full collection of cotton ribbons, printed in silkscreen with Pikku pattern designs. Now, after much request, we are ready to launch the same ribbons at wholesale price at the NYIGF, presented with a whole new packaging. 2 yards of cotton ribbon rolled on a wood paddle, hand-made in Vermont! We are excited about the idea of recycling and reuse the wood piece, so that it won't be thrown away. You can use it again with more ribbon and hang your collection on the wall, as an inspiring board. I believe as an object is so pretty on its own and it shows much craftsmanship in each detail. Let us know what you think, for now I'm back to work on the rest of the samples for the show!


Work in progress

Do you remember the quick post about the vintage glassine? with some small variation, I will launch them wholesale in the winter 2012 and here is a preview of the calligraphy by Susy Pilgrim Waters that I will use for the label. Always a pleasure to work with Susy!


Last minute invitations

I designed the invitations with one week turnaround. Besides the pressure of completing and delivering the project, from start to finish, within 7 days, it was nice to see the letterpress printing on the 2-ply Lettra Paper. A beautiful thick paper I'm sure to use again in the future!
Printing, perfectly executed, by Albertine Press.


Calendar 2012

Very excited to announce the last part of my collaboration with Moontree Lettepress for this fall. A limited edition calendars 2012 is available in both our shops and feels quite an accomplishment!
The calendars are letterpress printed on 100% recycled cotton paper, tree-free and hand-bound with 6 mm chartreuse cotton ribbons, the 12 months are divided into four pages, each with a different design and printed in 2 or 3 colors. The calendar measures 5.5 x 8 inches. We added a new pattern for the spring months, from the series of designs from the Leaf and Straw books. Thank you to everyone that followed our collaboration all the way through in the last months, we hope you enjoy it. We certainly did!


My desk this morning

A beautiful light is coming in and a full day head. Here is a quick preview of the calendar collaboration with Moontree Letterpress coming soon.....


Leaf and Straw Books, part two

The third cover of the books arrived freshly printed from Moontree Letterpress and I quickly worked on binding the first copies of our prototype. Then, ready to ship some of the books back to her for photo shoot. The story will continue, until our limited edition will be photographed, all the copies bound and soon in our shops. Along the hand-bound books, we are working on a small run of 2012 calendars, that I'm very excited about. A preview can be seen here, but until then, back to work!


Children stamps

Working on a custom order this time, I went though lots of vintage stamps and selected some lovely ones as a little tribute to children. My favorite: white dots on light blue, Danmark 1954! and yours?



I'm spending days after days of what it feels as the all summer, sorting through vintage stamps for an order that I will announce soon. My collection of postage stamps extended incredibly, and I'm still amazed about what I can find everyday. The design is so intricate and delicate at the same time for such a small piece of paper. Within the boxes I also find some treasures: little packages of stamps tight together with thread from an avid collector. So beautiful I had to photograph some of my favorite!

Last photo credit to my daughter Nada`.

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