New limited edition book

Between holiday orders, teaching and working in my studio, I'm still need to find the time to bind some copies of the new limited edition book by Edizioni Almenodue. There is still a lot to be done, but I can start posting some photos and information about The Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables of Italy by Giacomo Castelvetro, 1614.
The limited edition book of 80 copies, presents 25 beautiful illustrations by Rita Ravaioli and translation from Italian into English by Gillian Riley. Text in both languages are published. Printed in offset in Rome, Italy on Fedrigoni Old Mill paper, is typeset in Galliard by Matthew Carter that kindly donated the typeface for this edition, in trade of a few copies of the book.
The entire design and binding is by Edizioni Almenodue and we have been using hand-made 100% cotton Alphabet paper on the cover by Cave Paper in Minneapolis
and hand-made kozo paper end sheets. After working at Cave Paper for a few years, long ago, I know too well the good quality of their paper and the time spent on each sheet. I suggest to use it for any kind of binding.
The exposed binding on the spine is link stitch with white linen thread.
The format is 5 x 7 1/4", copies of the book are ready for sale, please inquire,
if interested.
Enclosed is a comment about the author of the book written by Giovanni Lusso.

Giacomo Castelvetro was born in Modena in 1546, a nephew of the famous
writer, Lodovico, who wrote an essay on Aristotle’s Poetics, his ideas were
controversial and pro-Reformation. After his uncle was condemned by the
Inquisition, Giacomo and his brother left Modena, hidden inside two
baskets on the back of a mule. He travelled in Switzerland, Germany,
England, where he stayed for a long time, Denmark and Sweden then. He
lived in Venice where he was arrested in 1611 by the Inquisition (his brother
had been burned at the stake two years earlier) but he was released thanks to
the English ambassador’s prompt and decisive intervention (to the discomfiture
of the inquisitors). He had to leave Venice and returned to England in
1612, where he died in 1616. Castelvetro’s professional life was with books.
He was a cosmopolitan intellectual who knew his way around the European
book trade: and is known to have been at the Frankfurt Book fair. He published
many Italian books, the works of Machiavelli, Guarini, Tasso, Marino,
and the political essays of Campanella. He was an experienced editor and
publisher, with a sound knowledge of printing, a skilled designer as can be
seen in the rapid, confident layouts of his manuscripts and neat lists, precisely
written in his Crescian calligraphy (Giovan Francesco Cresci had revolutionized
xvi century calligraphy). During his exile, when he was in his
seventies, Castelvetro wrote his masterpiece, The Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables
of Italy, destined to circulate in manuscript among his English friends and
protectors, an early manifesto of the Mediterranean Cuisine.


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