Cotton ribbons applications

In the last few months I have seen the cotton ribbons used in different ways from designers, printers, bookbinders and artists in general. The main reason why I have started to import the ribbons from Italy, is because I wanted to provide a good quality materials to designers that have no access otherwise to this kind of supply. Years ago, I used to buy the cotton ribbons every time I was in Rome, in order to use them on my hand-bound books and clients were interested to buy them directly from my display, during trunk shows. It was really my friend Bari Zaki that first inspired me to import them in larger quantity and offer the ribbons for various applications. The real pleasure is coming now when I see how differently artists can work with it. In Italy, the cotton ribbons are sold exclusively for sewing and I was interested to reinvent this product with a wider and more creative prospective! I see the beauty in their texture and colors and the quality in such a versatile fiber.
Here below there are some of my favorite samples, but if any others would like to submit their own ideas, they are more than welcome! Please contact me directly, I would love to see them!

Starting from left to right:
Number 1 and 2 Black Pearl Press and Ink and Peat
Number 3 and 4 Jill Bent and Kiki and Polly
Number 5 and 6 Paloma Nest and Riffraffe
Number 7 and 8 Satsuma Press and Freshly Blended
Number 9 and 10 Variegated and Mcmaster and Storm
Number 11 and 12 Rebecca Thuss and Albertine Press


McMaster & Storm said...

We love this ribbon & plan to feature it in office and sewing room organization in Jan. I'm working on my own sewing room/office so it will be ready to feature in Jan 09.
We need to order more monogram ribbon plus the cotton ribbon, we keep putting it off. So many things to do as a business owner. Thanks for the photo you featured! We'll be in touch, dear!
kara & darcy

Jill said...

thanks for including my photo, Angela! i just love the ribbons!

angela liguori said...

thank you to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend shop selling cotton ribbon shop in Rome for a European tourist who will visit in Rome after a week, thanks!

cartolina said...

Lovely pictures Angela - I wish I had a project where I could use your ribbon . . .hmmmmmmmm . . .

angela liguori said...

For the people interested to know where to find the cotton ribbons in Rome, I have listed some notions shops in my city guide, written for Design Sponge. You can find a link on my blog or go to Design Sponge directly and you will find it among the other city guides.
Buon viaggio!

sarita said...

This is sarita. Its' wonderful especially the knitted toy. I liked it so much.

url: rasa-yummyrecipes.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...


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