Calendarbook 2011 and giveaway

Some shots of the Calendarbook 2011 in progress, some in Rome, some on my studio/blue table. This is maybe the real treasure I brought back from the trip, a huge, heavy package, in my suitcase. I'm mailing some of the last copies of the limited edition this week and I would like to start a giveaway with the winner to be announced on January 31st. Just leave a comment on the calendar below.
The self-promotional Calendarbook is an Edizioni Almenodue collaboration, every year with a new artist. For 2011 the illustrations are by British Claudia Boldt of Cloud Cuckoo studio, on a accordion book measuring 8 x 27 inches. It's a progressive calendar, that also lists the sequence of the 365 days. I so discovered that my birthday is on the 207th day of the year. This brilliant idea was by my collaborator Silvana Amato. The font we used is still unpublished, by type designer Alessandro Colizzi. Called Neon, is a pleasure to see it printed, even though we only had capitals and numbers to work with. The accordion book is tie together with waxed linen thread in beautiful teal color to match the illustrations. The image of the London bus, we repeated on the card, is one of my favorite. Let me know what you think!


AshleyRae said...

looks fabulous so far! I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and love it! How do you enter for the giveaway?

angela said...

Hello Ashely,
your comment already entered the giveaway. i will notify the winner and ask for the mailing address, when the name is selected. thank you.

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

I'm a quiet observer of your blog and now you gave me such a great opportunity to show up :)

Yes, I like your calendar (as well as other works) very much!

McMaster and Storm said...

love, love the whimsy--beautiful graphics. you are amazing. & the bus--well, it's perfect. in a dither over this.

carla jimison said...

Love you blog and your work!

Cheryl Lavigne said...

I enjoy your blog, aaand I could really use a calendar !


Katie G. said...

I love the calendar, and what an interesting format it is! I think Bob is my favorite character on the whole thing.

Angela said...

Beautiful. Your talk about a "progressive calendar" reminded of my years in the Air Force when we routinely used the Julian calendar (what you call a progressive calendar). I had forgotten all about using it. I'm thinking now that I'll start using it in my blog posts. Fun. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Swooning--the subtle details + loveliness, there is a 'quietness' to your work that speaks volumes to me on a very personal level.


Judy Grubbs said...

I was lucky enough to buy one of your calendars last year and loved it. This one looks even more beautiful, I would love to win it!

Nathalie said...

these are lovely angela. they're such truly are works of art. : )

inkala images said...

such sweet little treasures all bound together so beautifully...a treat to behold every day.

Ingrid x

jlbmia said...

I am crazy about this year's calendar! I adore practically everything about it, from the color combinations, the drawings, and even the wonderful new font! In love again!

Annie Pazoo said...

Yay! a giveaway -- fingers are crossed :)

Jacqui Dodds said...

Hope I am not too late for th giveaway - what a lovely calendarbook.

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