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A few weeks ago, within the emails I read early morning, I saw one that really strike me. A photography student from the New England Institute of Art, kindly inquire if she could take photos of the studio for her school assignment. She said, walks by my windows on her way to school and thought to ask if I would be available for her project. Of course I accepted! Though, I had no idea I would receive over two hundred beautiful photos in return! Sometimes happy surprise do happen in life! Here are just a few photos, but more are posted on her fb if you like to see them. There is no styling involved, the studio was left exactly as it is everyday.... and I was working on the Calendarbooks for the mailing that day, trying to be not too intimidated in front of a huge camera. The big tailor scissors on the desk, I must say, are my mother's and I brought them with me from the last visit. I'm sure they will end up on many of my photos. They remind me a lot of her while she was working... I hope you will enjoy the photos. I feel so lucky to have such a precious album. Thank you very much Hillary!


Arzigogolare said...

What fun to see so many photos of your shop/studio, and to get a feel for your process of assembling this year's lovely calendar. Thanks for sharing...
- Lisa

Christine said...

Your stamps look so lovely in that wooden box. Actually all the photos are beautiful. I was just wondering if you organize them by colour or country?
I bought a few packages at Anthropologie and I just love them. Thank you.

angela said...

Thank you to both of you. The vintage stamps in the wooden box are the ones that people can chose from when they come to visit. Sort of offering chocolate when someone stop by the studio. I don't really organize them, they are a big mix of history and countries around the world. I find them always fascinating!

spunthoughts said...

Hi Angela! The photos are beautiful! My husband and I enjoyed visiting your studio a few weeks ago during the snowstorm and getting a calendarbook ourselves (we were the physicians). - Su

angela said...

I perfectly remember meeting you Su, thank you for coming!

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