New Cotton Twine and giveaway

It has been a long journey with the Cotton Twine, that started about four years ago with only a few spools made completely by hand. The thick cotton twine brought me a long way, I learned a lot on how this product is made in the USA and I feel as now I'm where it all began. Returning to the twine made into a ball shape and available only in a few colors, the one I really love. Red and White, Black and White and introducing the soft Natural Cotton, I'm sure to use in a lot of my packaging. I'm also ready to launch a new custom made color: Citrine and Emerald Green I developed in collaboration with Anthropologie, in the last few months, to add a new accent to the holidays wrapping. I hope you will enjoy the new twine and the new colors. Please let me know what you think, by next Friday, September 14th and I will be happy to select a winner and send a set of 2 spools of twine of your choice. Thank you, as always, for all the inspiration it comes from you and your support!


Shannon Brown said...

There's something about cotton twine that makes my heart jump. I absolutely love the green combination. Well done.

Anonymous said...


I love thick cotton spacially with surprise presentes. Althought the red one is my first choise, the new green-hope and yellow-sun are great!!!

Maria Antonia Forjaz - Portugal

SuzyMcQ said...

Happy Weekend! I adore the cotton twine, especially the red. It takes me back to my childhood and going to the Mohegan Bakery for cream puffs, huge, beautiful, delicious cream puffs. Sprinkled gently with powdered sugar, delicately placed in a chipboard bakery box and everything tied up securely with red twine. Wonderful, sweet, memories.....

kL said...

the new green is gorgeous.
i still hoard my thick black & white i purchased from you 3 years ago

Emma Margaret said...

These are all beautiful. I love cotton twine and I use it for as many things as i can! The green one is gorgeous :)

Emma Margaret

wooLynn said...

The new green is very fresh and current looking...I love it! But my favorite is the red and white because it reminds me of wonderful, yummy pastries from the bakery. I would take the string from the box and wind it up to save and use on something special.

magdalena said...

They are all so beautiful. I do have a weak spot for cotton twine! The new green combination is delightful - 2 of my favorite colors together (:

spunthoughts said...

Your twine is so beautiful, thick and luxurious! I had bought some twine before I first saw yours and it is nowhere near as beautiful. I wish you would bring back the blue and white twine, that was beautiful!!

John Ang said...

Fantastic colour choices, red is my favourite.

a Fabric Day said...

Red & White, Black & White will always be perennial favorites but your new Citrine & Emerald Green will surely be the holiday's new choice!

Celeste said...

LOVE all of them! The black and white is so classic and perfect for anything ... the green is very cool too!

email: celeste@mail4me.com

Marie said...

I think they all look wonderful and would add so much charm to any package or gift (gift wrapping is one of my favorite activities).
If I were to make a choice, I would take the red and white (classic) and the new green and yellow (fun).
I hope I am more lucky this time !

~amy~ said...

LOVE the Citrine and Emerald Green!

Sus said...

Wow! Love the citrine and emerald twine!

~ Faith said...

The new twine for Anthro is such a beautiful combination! Yet there's something to be said about good old red + white or black + white.


L Melohn said...

Love the limeandgreen, what a great combination of colors.

Suzanna Scott said...

Wow...these are yummy! I must say the green combo is my favorite. Delicious photos too. So glad I happened across your blog and shop just now.

Sally said...

I do like to use cotton twine. My favorites are the red and white and the black and white. I like the citrine and emerald but I'm an old fashioned girl and gravitate to the traditional colors. So nice of you to have a give away.

Judy Grubbs said...

They are all beautiful! I do love the new green combo.

kae said...

The red one is my favorite, but I love them all! They're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like specially the black and white one.
Murcia. Spain

Jessica said...

The green is beautiful, I also love the classic black and white. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the green! I'm really into mint right now because I'm decorating our baby's nursery in that color. This would look great for decorating :) Nice work!

bradigail said...

I love the classic red but my oh my, the green is fabulous! Beautiful job.

Ragnhild said...

That green one is so pretty! Unexpected and fun addition :)

Miss Erin Fae said...

I really like the hunter and chartreuse combo. As much as i love white and ___, it's quite rare to find other colors and greens are my favorite. Well done

angela said...

Thank you so much to all of you for your encouragement on the new twine! I'm sure happy when i read your feedback! The winner will be announced over the weekend, please continue to leave comments until Friday night. Thank you again!

Katie G. said...

I LOVE the green. Very modern, well done!

angela said...

Giveaway winner picked! JESSICA is the winner! please send me your mailing address and I will ship the twine asap next week. Thank you so much everyone to partecipate and for sending me so many feedback on the new twine! It is truly appreciate it!

stumble & relish said...

i'm so sorry i didn't see this sooner but i love your twine and am so in love with the emerald citrine! I can't wait to get my hands on some for myself. lovely.

gracemadre said...

Love cotton twine and love your new colors!

gracemadre said...

Love cotton twine and love your new colors!

Karen said...

So pretty! I love to wrap little packages with twine. They are all lovely.

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