Calendarbook 2013 giveaway

In a few days we will have a giveaway in our studio, but if you can't come and take your own copy of the Calendarbook 2013, you can partecipate here on the blog or by sharing the post on facebook. Two winners will be selected separately, one from the blog and one from FB, on February 11th. I'd like to hear your opinion on our annual project. This Calendarbook is Number 14 in our collection! It is a collaboration with my old time friend Silvana Amato from Rome, Swiss type designer Sibylle Hagmann that kindly donated Cholla and Brooklyn based illustrator Steven Guarnaccia. We feel very lucky to have been working with such talents! In the photos you can see bits of the full project, from the very beginning, until completion. The Calendarbook is now hanging from the pipe in front of the studio window. I designed the mobile by cutting circles of paper out of my tea glass cup and decided to use the Wrapped Cotton in the design, even before the mobile came into shape. The same for the Merchant and Mills pins, we used for the glassine packaging closure. Cholla and The Men diving into Time by Gurnaccia completes the great layout design by Silvana. A true collaborative work! the Calendarbook is a limited edition, I'm sorry, not available for sale, but it is something we enjoy working on year, after year, for our long distance project. A labor of love, that we share with our clients, colleagues, designers and new contacts, every year. The Calendarbook, usually travels back to the U.S. in my suitcase, after it was offset printed on Fedrigoni Paper and dye cut in Rome by Futura Grafica. Assembled in our studio, completely by hand by Hillary Deane. I hope you will enjoy it too and good luck for the giveaway! Come to visit us this Saturday, from 11 to 4 and meet us all, if you can!


inkala images said...

Your calendar books captivate me each and every year...perfectly lovely dear Angela!

Ingrid x

Arzigogolare said...

Your collaborative calendarbook projects are always so original, taking such a unique and unexpected look at the ritual of marking time. This one looks like so much fun! I love the circular format and the fact that it hangs...plus, lovely font, whimsical illustrations & Studio Carta string!

Kathy Klar said...

Your calendars are wonderful works of art.
I was lucky enough to receive the 'tapemeasure' calendar for 2012.
I LOVE the circular/mobile format this year ... combining many creative elements - the lettering and illustration, the beautiful paper and wrapped cotton ...
I have a perfect place for it in my office.
kathy klar

Holly Jose said...


Your calendar is beautiful!
I would hang it in my favorite room and enjoy every new day.
If I could come to Boston,I would definitely head straight for your studio...such wonderful paper,string,everything!!!
Enjoy the snow,we already have a foot in Maine!

Iantha Desdemone said...

The lovely red and white string linking each piece of the year together reminds me of the string used to tie up the pristine, white boxes from my favorite bakery. When I see that string, I think immediately of the sweet treats that hide inside the otherwise unassuming paper box. However, with your calendars, the string instead joins days of joy and laughter into happy months and finally, a year of love and cheer. In addition, the playful illustrations, the crisp type, and simple color scheme all add to the calendars' overall charm. The effortless beauty of the calendars is mesmerizing. The collaborative effort has resulted in the beautification of something both loved and hated, a thing lovely and ugly: time itself.

Giova said...

Beautiful and amazing work. Been having so much fun following you on Instagram. Love everything you are making!

Bley said...

Oh, wow, I think this is amazing. So creative, and I love all the different people involved. I'm a bookbinder and I love artist's books; this is a gorgeous example!

lwz said...

just gorgeous. i love that i have found you and your shop.

angela said...

It is fun to do giveaways on my blog and I will do more in the near future, announcing new products. This time the winner is Alexandra from Lantha Desdemone. Please contact me directly for your mailing address.
Thank you so much for all the comments on this project, it certainty inspire us to make more! xoxo

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