Scissors, Pinking shears and a giveaway!

New products in the shop and for wholesale! we expanded our line of Italian scissors by adding a Medium size Ribbon Scissors and the Tailor's Pinking Shears. I have been collecting scissors for years now and growing up with my mother being a dressmaker, I always loved to have different scissors laying on my working table, ready to use. I was excited to get in contact directly with the manufacturer in Italy and find these beautiful petite scissors and the elegant Pinking Shears. It was fun to complement the industrial steel shears design with a personalized packaging, made with Pikku ribbons bows and kraft paper boxes. Let me know your opinion by April 7th and I will send a pair of Ribbon Scissors to the winner! Also new in the shop, some vintage thread spools of 100 yards of strong cotton thread, made for sewing leather gloves. It is a rare find I purchased in Rome, during my last trip, mostly for the beauty of the vintage label design. Quantity are very limited, only 12 spools are for sale! We are busy preparing for the Letterpress demonstration and Open Studio this Saturday, April 6th and please join us if you are in the Boston area. This is all for now, but more updates to come!


BoogaJ said...

I love scissors too and often end up looking for them at estate sales (which usually means they are no longer sharp). The scissors you have look beautiful!!

Ana said...

LOVE them both and can't decide which ones I want. Guess I will have to get both.

Gayle said...

One can never have enough good scissors, and everyone around me knows not to touch mine until they ask. Paper for paper and my sewing shears for fabric. Don't mix them you your going to be in BIG trouble.

~ Faith said...

One can never have too many pairs of scissors, especially high-quality ones! Love the packaging, too!


inkala images said...

Oh Angela you source the loveliest of things and make them even more beautiful with you delightful packaging...after finding my grandmother's pinking shears recently I feel the beginnings of a new 'collection'!

Ingrid x

marie said...

Wow, these scissors look gorgeous. And I am not even into scissors that much. I already have pinking shears I bought at an Emmaus that I really like (although they are not as sharp as they could be, of course), and would love to have a pair of those ribbon scissors. And I also really like that they were made in Italy (finding things not made in China is proving quite difficult).

Valerie said...

I love them both!!!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Paul said...

This is a great giveaway and I know someone who would love those scissors! I agree with the comment about how it's hard to find something not made in China.

Jeannie Hunt said...

I love the compositions in the photos. beautiful. makes me want to snip snip snip. I like the circular packaging on the petite scissors.

Cannolli said...

I'm hoping to make it to your letterpress demo tomorrow and to finally see your lovely shop! Susy's illustration is gorgeous!
— runs with scissors – aka Noel ;)

Sewing Princess said...

Those scissors look great! I'd love to add them to my seamstress collection

Unknown said...

Scissors have the most important part in completing any project, because, they make the last snip, the thing that symbolizes "the end". Be it the thread of a wedding dress, a silky ribbon on a gift, or the trim of a notebook, the scissor gets the special job of signifying a finished product. In addition, the scissors would be a great older sister to my teeny-tiny carrot orange sewing snips. These scissors would make finishing a project just a bit more beauteous and special. The photos you take show them off to their true potential. Also, I love the fact that they are from Italia. Scissors that are both elegant and functional are as easy to find as diamonds among coal. P.S. I cannot wait for the Letterpress event! I'm driving up tomorrow. So exciting! Until then, Iantha/Alex

Kathy Klar said...

Hi Angela,
Your ribbon scissors (& pinking shears) look great - I'd love to add them to my collection! They remind me of my mother, who used similar sewing tools.
I am enjoying my last order of wonderful goodies! (wrapped cotton, glassine & stamps)
Wondering if you sell the pins you use (one was included in the calendar) and I see them in your beautiful photos.

wooLynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wooLynn said...

Both pairs look wonderful but I really love the packaging of the ribbon scissors. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kay said...

I absolutely adore scissors! These 2 from Italy look wonderful and would be a great addition to your already beautiful store.

Thank you for sharing your finds with allof us-
Lori K

Kay said...

I absolutely adore scissors! These 2 from Italy look wonderful and would be a great addition to your already beautiful store.

Thank you for sharing your finds with allof us-
Lori K

Merrilee said...

Oh - I have to admit I am coveting the ribbon scissors. I just started making instead of drawing a few years ago and I have a perfectly serviceable pair of plastic handled scissors. But these look like they are meant to create beauty! Your ribbon packages make want to draw them.

missybug said...

I would love both...i love pinking sheers...thanks for an opportunity to win!! i am excited!!

Betsey said...

Such lovely items; such a lovely blog...

angela said...

Those comments are great! thank you so much for sharing your opinion on the scissors with me! I wrote down all the names and pick randomly BoogJ from all the patecipants. BoogJ you are the winner! congratulations. Please send me your mailing addres at mail@angelaliguori.com and I will ship the pair of scissors right away! Thank you so much everyone!

angela said...

Announcing soon another giveaway, stay tuned and you can partecipate again!

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