Studio windows

Found a file of images from the studio windows display, collected over the past year. It is fun to see the different light of the day, different seasons, arrangements and changes of the two spots in the studio, that I keep changing every week. All photos are taken with Instagram, follow us for the studio behind the scenes!


Arzigogolare said...

What fun to see the many faces of your lovely & original shop over the last year - hope to be able to visit one day!

carta,inc. said...

I hope to meet you too!

Shelley Barandes said...

I especially love the one with you and your yellow bag. :)

carta,inc. said...

Thank you Shelley, it was a happy, colorful day. And I love sunflowers!

dwp12 said...

We miss you here back in MI, looks like things are going well for you though, congrats Angela.

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Studio Carta holiday sale
Saturday, December 6th
11 to 4 pm
Jill Rosenwald
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97 Boylston Street
Brookline, MA

Paper Fabric and Stich
at Michelle Willey
Saturday, December 6th
11 to 5 pm
Studio Carta
Jill Bent
Stitch and Tickle
8 Union Park street
Boston, MA

Holiday Market
hosted by Remodelista Editor
Justine Hand
December 13th
12 to 5
454 Waltham Street
Newton, MA

Pop Up Shop
at Good
December 18th
5 to 8 pm
133 Charles Street
Boston, MA

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our team at work
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