Rotolino greetings and giveaway

I'm excited to announce that our new product is ready in the shop and for wholesale orders. We decided on the Rotolino Greetings as a product name, and we have the letterpress spools available for the holidays and to celebrate love. It was a long process to have them designed, made and complete with their packaging, but I hope you will like the result. Please let me know what you think and leave a comment below, I will be happy to hear your option! A winner will be announced on November 18th and will receive a copy of the Rotolino of your choice. Grazie!


Jacqui Sharples said...

Stunning! And as I love them so much my choice would be Love Amore!
As a designer maker I can imagine all the time that has gone into the design and making! But so worth it!
bellissimo x

Sewing Princess said...

I love that you used a wooden spoon to hold your greetings. I love to sew so for me it's the perfect choice. I really love the handwriting...the red thread is just perfect. And you could add a small gift in the box to complement your greeting. It would go very nicely with Pikku ribbons if you wanted a small add-on

John said...

Beautiful things! The words of love are always so much better in Italian, but as we move towards Christmas - and in such an imperfect world - joy, kindness and peace strike a particular chord.

sc said...

lovely discovery unwinding...

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful and original idea.
My favorite is the one with the words of love.
Such a wonderful gift to give and receive!

Iantha Desdemone said...

These are absolutely wonderful! The combination of Susy's beautiful calligraphy, the contrast of the dark ink and pale paper, and the sweet little spool in the center makes this perfect. The words themselves have such impactful meanings; they say everything so simply, yet not without sentiment. Like all ideas that originate deep in the mind of Angela Liqguori, this is whimsical, and unique, and really, just PERFECT!

Kathe Lee said...

Beautiful calligraphy, beautiful messages of love, greetings and wishes, beautiful impressions.

gyoza*girl said...

LOVE! these are amazing – the letterpress, the calligraphy, the sentiments, the paper and the packaging and of course the wooden spool. xo

Sahar said...

gorgeous! wooden spools are lovely and the type font is perfect!

Caterina Catalini said...

I just love this!! It's a great idea! I really would like to have one!
{I'm still in time?}

Alice said...

It is inspiring. I like the use of simple elements to transmit a lovely message. Very creative!

Margaret Athey said...

Spectacular! Love.

Amanda Ingle said...

I love this idea what a wonderful gift to offer someone. I was thinking it would be a great client gift.

Amanda Ingle said...

I love this idea what a wonderful gift to offer someone. I was thinking it would be a great client gift.

Holly Jose said...

I would give Love Amore to my wonderful husband....
we have been married 35 years.

angela said...

Thank you so much for all of your feedback, they are so precious to me and very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to let me know your option on the new product.
The winner of this giveaway is Sewing Princess! please send me your shipping address and I will mail you right away your Rotolino.
Thank you to all and please check back for more news and updates. xoxo

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